How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill
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Are you aware that the heat and air conditioning system sucks up most of the energy which you purchase? Whether you own or lease your house, here are 10 ways to cut your energy bills and save money during the summer:
Hint #1: Install More Plants
Among the greatest ways to stay cool would be to block heat from getting into your house in the first place. Installing more leafy plants and trees around your house is an excellent means to enhance its curb appeal and help reduce the quantity of sun beaming in your roof, windows, and outside AC unit.
Hint #2: Cover Your Windows
To keep heat from coming into your house, shut your window blinds or drapes—notably during the hottest part of the daytime. You can even install outside awnings, solar screens, or window movie on the exterior of your windows to intercept or reflect solar energy.
If you want new windows, consider updating to high-performance products that have unique coatings. They are able to filter out up to 70% of the heat while letting the total quantity of visible light to come through.
Hint #3: Fix the Thermostat
When it’s warm, every level you decide to raise the thermostat above 78 can reduce your cooling costs by just as much as 10%. So keep your house at the highest comfortable temperature potential and turn it up several degrees before you leave for work or go out of town.
If you’ve got trouble remembering to adjust your thermostat, it is possible to install a programmable thermostat that automatically alters the temperature at preset times. They cost as little as $25 and are estimated to save the typical consumer about $180 a year.
Hint #4: Choose Your Fan Speed
If your home is in a humid part of the state, one method to drastically reduce the humidity at home will be to reduce the internal fan speed in your AC system.
Slowing down the movement of air through the machine enables it to remove more moisture, which allows you to feel considerably cooler. If your home is in a dry place, it’s better to keep the fan speed high.
If you can’t correct your fan speed from your thermostat, call a service professional to see what speed your AC unit is on and alter it for you, if desired.
Suggestion #5: Use Long-Term Air Filters
Keeping your AC system is essential for keeping it running nicely. Filthy air filters restrict air flow and cause the system to become ineffective, use more electricity, and cost you more cash.
So shift disposable filters at least one time a month—or switch to a long-term air filter that you clean instead of throw away. A reusable filter is higher priced but will save money in the long run by cutting your energy bills and prolonging the life of your air conditioner.
Hint #6: Use Fans
Mobile fans or ceiling fans are affordable and permit you to lift your thermostat several levels and feel just as comfortable in summer time. Keep in mind that fans cool people, not atmosphere—so make sure to turn them away when you leave the room.
There’s a switch on most ceiling fans that reverses the direction of the blades. Ensure they’re turning counterclockwise at moderate or high speed during summer time so air is pushed down to cool you off. During the winter you’ll be able to run ceiling fans clockwise at low speed to gently circulate warm air that rises.
Fast and Dirty Trick: To prevent your air conditioner from working overtime, keep your interior doors and air ports open so air can circulate freely throughout your house.
Suggestion #7: Use a Microwave
Cook with a microwave oven when you can during warm weather. They’re cost-effective and use up to 30% less energy when compared to a conventional oven. Plus, they don’t produce heat in the kitchen.
Suggestion #8: Update Your System
If you’ll need a big repair on an older air conditioning system, consider replacing it with a brand new energy-saving unit. They’ve been higher priced but can cut your energy costs in half.
The finest systems have a SEER rating, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, of 14 or higher.
Installing energy-saving products also can qualify you for a credit in your utility statement. So do some research on your own energy business’s website for recommended products and savings opportunities.
Additionally, check the on-line Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency for financial incentives from your federal, state, and local authorities when you replace appliances with more energy-efficiency versions.
Hint #9: Seal Flows
If you’ve got tons of cracks around windows and doors, that can be as wasteful as leaving a window wide open throughout the year! Use cheap caulk or expanding foam to seal cracks which might be emptying your cash.
Most energy firms offer a free software to help ascertain whether you’ve got leaky air ducts and other inefficiencies at home. Make a meeting for an energy home inspection—you might be surprised by how much they can assist you to save!
Hint #10: Sign Up for Energy Plans
See your power company’s website to discover if they offer an energy management software. You might be permitted register some or all your appliances in a method that briefly powers them down during occasional periods of high energy demand.
The power company installs a little switch on gear which you register in the program, like your water heater, pool pump, or central air conditioner. If you’re willing to give them control over this gear during small times, you’ll receive a fine rebate. This really is an excellent choice for those who are from home during a substantial part of the day.
Try these hints to stay cool and conflict increasing energy prices during the summertime. If you’ve got more cash-saving energy tips, make sure you share them on the Facebook page.